My story, how YourPortfolio came to be, and the fight for the individual investor

My Story

Hi, my name is Chris Gilbert and I am a full-time pharmacist on an investing journey I hope you experience with me. Growing up my parents tried to teach me the importance of saving money and investing, and while I tried to listen (kind of a boring subject to a kid), it wasn't until I was nearing graduation I learned I was not only going to have to be responsible for my money, but also find a way to make it grow (and hopefully a lot).

So I began whipping out old books my dad had given to me a long time ago and tried to devour as much information as I could. After reading several great books, I knew two things:

  1. SAVE more than I spend
  2. Investing in the stock market is my best chance for LONG-TERM PROFITS


However, when I graduated in May 2014, I still felt uneasy about the thought of investing without the guarantee of not losing some, if not all, of my hard-earned money. So I read some more and began to see some very similar patterns from some very successful people who have all had very prosperous careers in the stock market. Names like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, and Peter Lynch all stuck out to me because they were concerned with not losing money & using the idea of value investing to increase profits.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off, however dim the glow was, and I realized how I wanted to invest my money in the stock market. I wanted to buy great companies with substantial growth potential at discounted prices. However, as I began researching how to exactly go about doing this, I started to realize it was taking me far too long to find the relevant data/metrics/financials on the companies I was interested in.

Secondly, there were no websites that had what I wanted without a monthly fee, and there was an amazing lack of transparency with most investing resources. Don't get me wrong, I could obtain stock picks and analysis, there was just a hefty charge on the other side. So I decided to do three things:

  1. Create the YourPortfolio Software to find great companies in MINUTES
  2. Start the YourPortfolio Website to SHARE my experiences, successes/failures, and ideas
  3. Be completely OPEN, HONEST, and TRANSPARENT with anyone who wanted to follow along

The Individual Investor

My goal is to provide you with the necessary tools, confidence, and insight to gain financial freedom and invest for yourself. So, tune in, comment, submit your ideas, and follow along as we invest together and hopefully earn the LONG-TERM PROFITS we all desire!