Key Metrics: Free Cash Flow Yield

Every investor should have a repertoire of fundamentals they analyze. The greatest investors throughout history all performed extensive fundamental analysis on each of their investments.¬†These indicators include P/E, PEG, P/S, and many others, but one you might not think about immediately is FCF Yield.  View Post →

FCF Yield

The Magic of Compound Interest

So you want financial independence? You want your money to work for you? But how?

Well, investing is certainly a great place to start. More specifically, value investing. But how do we really grow wealth into a sum substantial enough to claim financial independence? The answer... by utilizing compound interest..  View Post →

Compound Interest

On Personal Finance

If you want to invest, then make sure you have your personal finances in order first. I know, I know... it's boring. But I have just the cure.  View Post →

On Personal Finance

Top 10 Value Investors

The people we strive to become using the strategies we should mimic. While each was successful using varying tactics, they all followed the principles of value investing, a strategy that has been proven for almost a century now.  View Post →

On value investing

Top 10 Books for the New Investor

Everybody has to start somewhere, and oftentimes people find the idea of investing their hard-earned money by themselves to be a bit intimidating. Sorting out a starting place can be difficult as well with the overwhelming amount of information out there today. Well look no further, these books have got you covered.  View Post →

On value investing

On Value Investing

What is it? What does it mean? How do you use it as a strategy? And most importantly, does it work? These are the questions we will tackle in this article.  View Post →

On value investing

Why You Should Invest In Stocks

So you want to invest your hard-earned money? You want your money to work for you.¬†Great! So which investment vehicle do you want to start with?  View Post →

Recommended Brokers

With so many options it can be difficult for investors to know which broker is right for them... so I made a list of which ones I like best and why.  View Post →

Recommended Websites

Information can be found all over the Internet these days, whether or not it's advice you should actually be following can sometimes be difficult to know.  View Post →

Welcome to the YourPortfolio Blog

A brief introduction to the YourPortfolio Blog!  View Post →