Cash Flow Metrics: Part 1 - Introduction to Free Cash Flow

FCF metrics are very important to have in your checklist, so keep reading to learn which ones should be included in your arsenal.  View Post →

Intro to Cash Flow

How to Avoid Value Traps

Has there ever been a time when you thought there was just no way something could go wrong... and then it did.  View Post →

Value Traps

Top 10 Investing Quotes

Value investing is a fairly simple concept. Executing it on the other hand can prove quite difficult for investors. So to help I've compiled my 10 favorite quotes on investing.  View Post →

Investing Quotes

Characteristics of Great Companies

If you know anything about Warren Buffet, you know he loves investing in great companies. In fact, he and Charlie Munger's entire investing strategy centers around finding great companies at fair prices. But what does that entail? While I'm positive Buffett can explain that better than me, I'm still going to take a shot at it.  View Post →

Great Companies

Retained Earnings to Market Value

I want to explain exactly what retained earnings are, what they can show us, and why they can be telling of management. Then we'll analyze why Warren Buffett likes to compare retained earnings growth to market value growth. When seeking out potential investments we're obviously looking for profitable, successful companies. After all, making profits and delivering them to shareholders should be in the top tier of a company's priorities.  View Post →

Retained Earnings

Mr. Market

In the previous post I discussed the concept of margin of safety, and how it was integral to the value investing philosophy. Benjamin Graham explained this expertly in his book The Intelligent Investor, which Warren Buffett still calls “the best book on investing ever written.”  View Post →

Mr. Market

Margin of Safety

Margin of Safety, a concept put forth by Benjamin Graham, has been central to the value investing philosophy for quite a while now. So much so, the great Warren Buffett stated margin of safety may be the most important words in investing.  View Post →

Margin of Safety

Top 10 Investing Resources

Whether it's idea generation, stock analysis, or simply validation, every investor needs a little help along the way.  View Post →

Top Investing Resources

Key Metrics: ROE & ROIC

Continuing the Key Metrics series, we'll focus on two numbers: Return on Equity, or ROE, and Return on Invested Capital, or ROIC.  View Post →


On Diversification

Since portfolio construction is more of an art than a science, in this post I want to break down relevant studies, examine historical data, and analyze some of the best investors in an attempt to come up with the optimal allocation strategy.  View Post →