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Find out the best websites for value investing, personal finance, and general stock analysis

Which websites should you trust?

Information can be found all over the Internet these days, whether or not it's advice you should actually be following can sometimes be difficult to know.

Most of the "guidance" from most of the "experts" should go in one ear and out the other. As the old saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out." So where do you find straightforward analysis, news, and data then? Well I'm glad you asked.

In this article I'll detail the sites I visit everyday for different categories such as data, news, analysis, ideas, and much more. While I don't recommend taking everything in the resources listed here as the absolute truth, I do believe that each of these sites try to steer you in the right direction, are trustworthy, and offer a value-minded philosophy.

With that being said, I do visit these websites often and would definitely recommend them to you as well. Remember, here at YourPortfolio we're investing for the long-term as a community, so please share your thoughts and comments below about which sites you frequent, and enjoy.

Financial Data


YourPortfolio Software

Best Feature - Complete Package for Individual Investors

This wouldn't be a complete page if I didn't include a few valuation resources. And I would be remiss if I didn't inform you about the YourPortfolio Software. This powerful tool combines the best of everything on this page in a simple and efficient all-in-one platform. All you have to do is enter a ticker symbol and watch as analysis, financials, charts, and valuations are updated automatically.


Yahoo! Finance

Best Feature - Key Metrics

Yahoo! Finance is an excellent source of financial data. It's free, easy to use, and has a number of features, including estimated growth, that can really be useful. All of the information is very up-to-date and presented in a readable format. If I'm researching data on a company, the first place I visit is the key metrics page on Yahoo! Finance.



Best Feature - 5 & 10 Year Data

A very respected name and a great resource for analyzing financial data. It would be #1 if there wasn't a premium membership required for some features (check your local library for a free subscription). The best part of Morningstar is the 5 & 10 year financial data. Here you can see a company's true overall trend using several key metrics.


Google Finance

Best Feature - Charts & Screener

I don't use Google Finance quite as much as the other two here, but it has some very nice features. They have a really useful screener that I tend to utilize often. But what I use this site the most for is their clear and simple financial tables showing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows for over 4 years.

Analysis & Ideas



Best Feature - Value-Minded Information

The best value investing website, in my opinion, is GuruFocus. It's packed with features, screeners, analysis, and much more. They have a fantastic discounted cash flow estimate (with reverse DCF as well) along with years and years of financial data to help you analyze stocks as well. You can also check out what the "gurus" are buying and selling. A resource you should, and probably will, visit several times a day.


Seeking Alpha

Best Feature - In-Depth Analysis

Seeking Alpha is a one-stop shop for stock analysis, ideas, and news. The amount of articles posted on so many companies is absolutely amazing. While there are certainly a number of articles you don't need to listen to, the vast majority are insightful and chock-full of information (primarily due to their incentive system for the authors). Before I even think about investing in a stock, I head over to Seeking Alpha and read a few articles about the company.


The Motley Fool

Best Feature - Idea Creation

Seeking Alpha and The Motley Fool are the best resources for idea creation I have come across. One page I visit multiple times a day is the All Fool Headlines. Here, several (usually 50/day) articles are posted that discuss detailed stock analysis, investing techniques, and daily news. But the website also contains educational series and numerous stock picks (sometimes premium membership required). CAPS, a powerful investing community, is a valuable resource itself.



Best Feature - Superinvestor Portfolios

A vastly underrated, if not unknown, resource to value investors is Dataroma. This is a no-frills, down to business website that is completely FREE. While it offers some commentary and analysis, the meat of this site is detailing what the world's leading "superinvestors" are buying and selling. If this wasn't valuable enough, it also specifies hold prices, insider transactions, and the top 10 stocks the superinvestors have recently bought (and own).




Best Feature - Design

MSN is where I usually start my day. I love visiting their page because the information isn't too heavy and it's laid out in a gorgeous, easy to read style. They usually have several different articles from various resources detailing the daily events (which I don't pay too much attention to, but it's nice knowing about). Again, this is just a place to start the day, but it's worth noting their financial data section is useful as well.



Best Feature - Amount of Content

I think of MarketWatch as being similar to MSN but with a more complex layout. They have news and articles about daily events as well, but they tend to throw a little more analysis in. I don't visit a lot of "news" sites since my outlook is more focused on the long-term, however we should have a clue about what's happening in general terms.




Best Feature - Quality Articles

Let me preface this section by saying I don't read very many blogs, but one I really like is ValueWalk. It can almost be counted as a news site because of all the content it delivers, which includes analysis as well. But the main reason I frequent the site is due to how many quality articles are posted throughout the week. ValueWalk also has a number of other features like reading lists as well.


BaseHit Investing

Best Feature - Investing Philosophy

Basehit Investing is filled with tons of articles dating all the way back to 2012. And most of them, if not all, would be worth your time to read. John Huber has an incredible way of articulating the value investing philosophy in a way that's both easy to understand and insightful. The blog is an excellent place to gain knowledge from a real-world, experienced source.


Contrarian Edge

Best Feature - Variety

More than just an investing blog, Contrarian Edge has a wide range of articles covering topics from classical music to life, and yes, investing. On the topic of investing, this blog has some of the most insightful articles regarding stock analysis around. The author, Vitaliy Katsenelson, has written several books and is the Chief Investment Officer for a value invesing firm based out of Denver.


eInvesting for Beginners

Best Feature - Clarity of Writing

eInvesting for beginners is a blog I tend to visit often because the subject matter is written very clearly and always seems to be on point. Obviously the site is great for beginners, but I have found the articles to be filled with solid value investing teachings that most investors could benefit from. Be sure to check out the value trap indicator.

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