Top 10 Investing Resources

This list compiles the best (in my opinion) investing resources available

Resources for the Individual Investor

Whether it's idea generation, stock analysis, or simply validation, every investor needs a little help along the way.

As always, I've made sure they lean more towards a value investing philosophy.


Yahoo! Finance

Financial Data

I have to include at least one financial data website, and I think Yahoo! Finance has the most complete and up-to-date information available. You can view financial statements, key metrics, as well as analyst estimates all in one place.


The Motley Fool

Idea Generation

With several books, articles, and picks, The Motley Fool offers a wide range of services. But the feature I visit everyday is the headlines page. This section is filled with investing ideas, stock analysis, and different tactics to keep you sharp. While not a true value investing resource, they maintain a long-term view. And sometimes it's refreshing to see a different perspective.



Financial Data

I know, I know... another financial data website, but Morningstar is one of the most respected names around and offers articles and insights covering almost the entire spectrum of investing. One of its best features though, is the 5 and 10 year financials view, which highlights the consistency and trajectory of a company.


Magic Formula Investing

Idea Generation

One of the hardest things to do in investing is come up with a great idea. Let's face it, if we could find a great idea a day, we wouldn't really need any resources. Used by Joel Greenblatt and explained extensively in his fantastic book, The Little Book that Beats the Market, the magic formula identifies investment opportunities by screening stocks with the best combination of return on capital (ROC) and earnings yield.


Value Investors Club

Idea Generation

Stealing another website from investing guru, we stumble upon Value Investors Club. Here verified members submit investment ideas that you simply will not find on most "analysis" websites. The quality of research and thinking are top notch and it's completely free to sign up and read the articles, albeit 45 days after members. Nevertheless, VIC is a hidden gem.


EDGAR Database

Financial Statements

Before you invest in any company, visit this website and read the available 10-K forms. All of the company's annual, quarterly, and other summaries can be found in one place here. While not the easiest site to navigate, do not skip this crucial step.



Follow the Pros

I discovered this fantastic site only recently but I find myself checking it early and often. Dataroma has useful articles and commentary, but its bread and butter is profiling pro investors' portfolios, such as hold prices, portfolio %, and recent moves. And boy does it deliver. You can follow the likes of Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Mohnish Pabrai, and many more completely free.


Seeking Alpha

Idea Generation & Stock Analysis

Another site I visit a couple of times a day and a great resource for the value-minded investor. In fact, before I buy stock in any company I head over to Seeking Alpha and read as many articles as I can. The site is also chock-full of long-term investing ideas if you ever need a boost. You can receive notifications and updates on the stocks you're interested in as well, a nifty feature.



Complete Resource

GuruFocus is an absolute machine. It contains commentary, several stock screeners, years of financial data, and so much more. The site has a powerful DCF calculator that includes a reverse DCF, and of course, you can see what the "gurus" are buying and selling. Personally, I think it's the best website available for value investors and one you should visit frequently.


YourPortfolio Software

Stock Analysis

You've finally made it... to the only tool... you'll ever need. I'm sorry, I might have got a little bit carried away there. All kidding aside, I truly believe this is the most complete investing tool available. This software combines the best of the aforementioned resources into an automatically updated, efficient, personalized, and easy-to-use format. Just enter a ticker and enjoy.