A brief introduction to the YourPortfolio Blog!

Welcome to the YourPortfolio Blog

This is the first post and your official welcome to the blog!

I created the YourPortfolio website because I wanted to share my investing experiences and provide some insights along the way. I figured if people could watch me invest, they could learn from my experiences, or simply be motivated to do it themselves in return. Either way, this blog is really the best place to share my journey and hopefully build a community full of value investors. Without further ado, let me explain the blog and where you can find certain resources to make it a more personalized experience for you.

For now, the blog can basically be broken down into 4 categories: lists, insights, knowledge series, and portfolio updates. I plan on updating the blog weekly with a post every month detailing my balances, gains/losses, and stocks analyzed. The lists will cover a broad range of topics mostly dealing with investing, books, and techniques. But every now and then we'll have some fun with it and go off topic. With the insights and knowledge series, I'll detail issues regarding value investing, key metrics, financial statements, peronal finance, and much more!

What sets this blog apart however, is the portfolio updates. Every month you can tune in and find out not only which stocks I'm buying and selling, but the reasons behind these transactions. Using the YourPortfolio Software, I'll post videos along with articles analyzing certain stocks I've either bought, sold, or thought about that week. I want to be as open, honest, and transparent as possible so I intend to post my portfolio balances as well as track returns in these posts as well.

Hopefully this is just the beginning and together we can grow YourPortfolio into an active investing community. If you have any articles, lists, or insights you would like to share and possibly be posted here then please email me at chris@yourportfoliospreadsheet.com. Also, if there are any stocks you would like me to analyze with the YourPortfolio Software and present in a blog post make sure to let me know.