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With the YourPortfolio Software you can skip the calculations, analyze companies, and determine your projected annual compounded rate in a matter of minutes.

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And watch as the software analyzes, rates, and values any stock in a matter of seconds. Complete with a valuation dashboard including annual compounded rate.

In the book, One Up on Wall Street, to determine if the stock was under, or overvalued.The chart is a quick and easy reference to see if you should take a closer look or not.

See your investments differently

With the charts section, you can visualize valuation ratios, profitability metrics, and a company's current state... with a beautiful user interface to boot.

With a one of a kind rating system

Based on quality, valuation, growth, and safety metrics, this section provides you with a rating of each stock by using a straightforward system.

Just follow the prompts

And the process tab will provide you with an individualized score based on your knowledge of the industry and company, trust in management, and several other metrics.

Determine a fair value estimate

Utilize 3 intrinsic valuation models and the projected annual compounded rate of return to estimate fair value, margin of safety, and buy price.

Analyze and invest from anywhere

Easily switch between desktop, tablet, or phone. With the YourPortfolio Software you can analyze stocks, grow your portfolio, and invest for yourself anytime... anywhere.

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  Invest for You

Intrinsic valuations, projected annual compounded rate, a proprietary rating system, and much more.

  Personalized Features

The Process analyzes a stock and helps determine if it's the right investment for you.

  Built for you

The YourPortfolio Software is designed with the individual investor in mind, saving you time and money.

  Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not totally satisfied, don't sweat it. There's a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.